Piano removal Geelong

Why piano removals should be done by professionals

Pianos are very difficult to move and can be easily damaged, especially if they’re an older model. Geelong removals offer professional piano removals, our team are specially trained to move pianos safely and without causing damage to the unit.

We know that pianos are a significant investment, but are also highly sentimental to most families. The emotional and financial cost occurred by people who have their pianos incorrectly moved can be significant, which is why all of our team members are trained to move pianos properly.

Correctly moving a piano requires the right prep and very careful handling, throughout our decades of experience we have helped move grand pianos and upright pianos both locally and interstate.

Moving pianos, like playing one, is a specialised skill that is developed over time. Our team has the required skills to ensure your piano safely arrives at its required destination. This combined with our excellent customer service and a large fleet of vehicles makes us the ideal choice for people looking for easy piano removal. We allow you to relax knowing your piano is in safe hands!

To find out more about our piano removal in Geelong please get in contact with our team for a free quote.

Geelong Removals offers professional removal, packing and moving services since 1979. We take great pride in our work and are always striving to provide the very best results for our customers. When it comes to moving your home, you know you can trust our team with all of your needs.

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